Product information Product name: Surge print 
Item code: (S) 11022851, (M) 11022852, (L) 11025863
Line Up
Surge print size Applicable cable size Application IV line example
S size Φ3 to 4 1.25 sq to 3.5 sq equivalent 
M size Φ5 to 6 5.5sq ~ 8sq equivalent
L size Φ7 to 11.5 14sq ~ 38sq equivalent
size Dimensions (mm) mass
S W16 x D19 x H12 (mm) About 1 g
M W16 x D19 x H12 (mm) About 1 g
L W25 x D37 x H19 (mm) Approx. 2 g

Notes on use

  1. Surge printing is a product that uses magnetism, so do not place or install it near magnets or magnetic products. There is a risk of malfunction.
  2. Do not attach surge prints to power lines or communication lines (motor control lines) where inrush current may flow. In response to large currents such as power supply current and inrush current, the target lightning surge current may not be detected.
  3. The display content of the surge print is a guide only. Consider installing a lightning surge counter for accurate current value and frequency detection.
How to use

Attach the surge print to the line (ground line or communication line)

  • Just pinch the line with a surge print and close it.
  • Anyone can easily install.

Surge print operation check

  • When a lightning surge passes, a black line appears on the display area of ​​the surge print.
  • You can see the approximate amount of surge current depending on the darkness of the line.

* The above operation display is a guide only. It may not respond to waveforms that are not typical lightning surge waveforms.