Product information Product name: Surge monitor SM10-002 type

Lightning surge counter that measures and records the surge current flowing in the grounding wire
Main applications
• Observation and evaluation of lightning surge current that has entered the office building and communication equipment room
Recorded content

  • number of times
  • date 
  • time
  • peak current value, etc.

・ Since the sensor is a split type CT, it is easy to install in existing equipment.
・ Alarm contact output available

Detection method Split CT (through hole Φ20)
Detection current 200A to 10kA range (absolute value)
Recorded contents Number of times, date, peak current value, time current value product, total time current value product
Number of records 256 cases
display Body
external PC (using a dedicated software)
communication RS-232C
Alarm contact No-voltage contact
Power supply DC24V (when DC power is supplied) or DC5V (when AC adapter is connected)
Size (W) 122mm × (H) 77mm × (D) 39mm 
usage environment Temperature: -10 ° C to + 60 ° C
Humidity: 90% or less (no condensation)