Sankosha Corporation has acquired LVControl Sdn. Bhd. (Headquarters: Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, hereafter LVC), which has a high market share in SPDs for power supplies and distribution boards / cabinets used in mobile base stations in Malaysia. 

Through this acquisition, we will strengthen the next-generation mobile system 5G and ITS areas, which we have positioned as priority measures to strengthen sales in Southeast Asia, and strengthen the supply chain of the group by utilizing the production capacity of LVC. We will continue to optimize our internal business portfolio.

Overview of LVC

(1) Trade name LV Control Sdn. Bhd.

(2) Business content

  • Development, manufacture and sale of lightning protection products and external lightning protection equipment products
  • Development, manufacturing and sales of distribution boards and cabinets

(3) Headquarters location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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(4) 50 employees

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