Product information Product name: SanEarth M5C
Item code: 11006051

Conductive concrete type grounding resistance reducing material that is ideal for belt-like grounding
Excellent pollution resistance reduction effect without pollution.

  • Water is not required.
  • Because construction can be done in powder form, it can be used immediately after opening the bag
  • Does not contain harmful substances and there is no concern about environmental pollution.
  • Stable grounding resistance can be obtained for a long time.

Can be installed in a bag (25 kg) of about 3 m (width 50 cm).

Used for grounding poles in various facilities.

  • Solar power plant, wind power plant
  • mobile phone base station, radio tower
  • railway Equipment
  • Office Facilities
  • Factory

Easy installation

It lays in powder form and absorbs moisture from the soil and hardens naturally. Since there is no need to prepare water, it is ideal for construction in areas where it is difficult to transport water, such as in mountainous areas. No special tools are required because only the sun earth is drilled after excavation.

Corrosion prevention effect

Since the earthing electrode wrapped in sun earth does not directly touch the moisture of the soil, there is almost no progress of corrosion.

High grounding resistance reduction effect

Since the powder particles are in contact with the ground over a wide area, the ground resistance is much lower than bare copper compared to a single wire.

Construction method
SanEarth_Installation manual.pdf