Product information Product name: SanEarth M5C
Item code: 11006051

It is a grounding material for non-woven mats composed of 100% carbon fiber without impurities.

  • Water is not required.
  • Materials that are not subject to risk assessment.
  • Since it is rolled in a roll shape and lightweight, it has excellent workability and transportability.
  • The same ground resistance reduction effect as the Sun Earth method can be obtained.
  • In combination with sunflex wire, long-term stable ground resistance can be obtained.

The sunmat is very lightweight, weighing about 500g per 3m.
Ground resistance can be easily obtained by simply laying a sunflex wire in the excavated trench and covering it with a sunmat from above.

SanMat are suitable for the following sites:

  • using products subject to risk assessment
  • Difficult to transport heavy objects in mountainous areas
  • High risk of corrosion in soil with constant moisture
Installation Method

Here are the steps for strip construction using sunmats and sunflex wires

Construction method
SanEarth_Installation manual.pdf